One More Month to Go!

One more month and we’ll be on a plane to Paris. Two nights there and then the TGV train to Bayonne and the slow train to St. Jean Pied de Port (‘Foot of the Pass’). We have reservations for the night of the May 2 at Gite (Hostel) Ultreia in St. Jean. The next morning, after stopping at the Pilgrim office to check the weather in the Pyrenees, we ‘hit the trail’. We only do 4.5 miles that day (all up!) and stay at Refuge Orrison (where we also have reservations.)

So how are we doing with the planning/prep? We are trying to get our packs down to 17 lbs. I started out at 28, but am now down to 19, but still need to take off another couple of lbs. We heard a talk/picture show at REI by a woman who had done the Camino twice with her 79 year old father. Her pack weighted 15 lbs.! Her advise for packing was “Be brutal!” I’m trying to do that, but …….. (No, Roger, I’m not going to drill holes in my toothbrush handle!)

And how about the walking??? Well, Brian is doing great! Walking everyday a couple miles with his pack. Me, well, I was doing great. A couple of miles with pack every other day, then a longer (up to 5 miles) on the weekend. That was until the hike up Cowles Mtn. where I got a really bad case of poison oak (misdiagnosed as shingles, then correctly diagnosed as poison oak, but the prednisone I was Rx’d for it landed me in the ER.) All well now, but I was out of commission for about three weeks.
Got started up again, but 1 1/2 weeks ago we were going to do another 5 miler around Lake Murray. Thought we could find a trail by the lake, but it was just a spotty, uneven trail. At one rocky spot I turned my ankle over. So all last week I spent with it up and iced! Starting to walk little by little now, but wearing a brace and no pack. Really frustrated. I want to get in the miles and build up before we go, but I don’t want to injure it more!

As I sit with my foot up, I’m taking care of things like setting up automatic bill pay, etc. And today worked on trying to start this blog.

So that’s the report!

Donna & Brian