Orrison to Roncevalles – May 4 (Part II)

After lunch the Camino left the road & continued on a dirt path up a steep & very very windy col. It was really a struggle. It finally leveled out but then began a long muddy trek, no fun.
We passed Roland’s Fountain & eventually crossed the border into Navarre, Spain.

The level trail soon gave way to more climbing, with a beautiful view of some snow capped mountains. From here I have no more pictures as I was really struggling. It was probably around 5:30 when we came to the hut & I thought of trying to stay there, but our light weight bags were only rated to 45 degrees, & it was probably that already. Brian found a few more snacks and enticed me on. There was another very long steep climb with wicked winds, probably around 40-45 mph in a very exposed area. (Taking a pee gave new meaning to freezing your ass off!) We finally reached the top with some confusion as to the way down. Of course everyone else had long passed us. We started the long steep down hill by now quite tired. AS time went on the sun began to set and the temperature dropped further. We could see the monastery & albuergue far down in the valley but we still had several miles to go. By 9 pm we’d been walking for 12 hours and were pretty exhausted, legs like jello. We had our flash lights out but it was pitch black. The road had loose gravel & lots of pot holes. My old S out training kicked in & I realized that there was a pretty strong potential for serious injury or hypothermia. So I pulled out my phone and fortunately emergency numbers work even if you don’t have your Spanish simple card in. I dialed 112 & first got a Spanish speaker who handed us off to an English speaker. I gave her the best description of where we thought we were. I was off by a couple miles! She told me they would send out the bombiers fire department to find us & give us a ride to town. We walked on another 1/2 hour in the dark. Called again & was assured they were on the way. Shortly saw their headlights. José & Jaime were absolutely wonderful to us . Unfortunately the albuergue had closed at 10 & it was now 10:30. They found a hotel for us which even got us a sandwich. We took showers, climbed into bed & were asleep in minutes! It was a very long day, but all ended well!


12 thoughts on “Orrison to Roncevalles – May 4 (Part II)

  1. How is your ankle holding up Donna? You are real troopers to have gone so long in such cold and up and down conditions. Love, Karen & Dave

  2. Wow, what an adventure…..Good job of being safe & identifying dicy situations, & calling for help when needed. What a long long day!

    Thoughts are with you!

  3. Glad you guys made it safely thru the mountains! On a completely different subject–Karen George/Stiger moved up to Oregon and I’m going to a party at her house in June. I know Donna would want me to thank her for her help with her

    • Thanks Halsey. Very good to be out of these mountains, but more to come later. Glad to hear about the patry at Karen’s! That should be interesting. I wonder if you will learn anything new?

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