Orrison to Roncevalles – May 4 (Part I)

Leaving Orrison

As we left Orrison behind us and began to climb it was misty with low clouds. While the previous day was a steep gain of 3000′ in 4.8 miles, today was a long 10.8 miles. The first 6 + miles were a 1000′ climb, followed by a steep 1700′ descent which all the guide books warn about. There is nothing in between except for a stone mountain hut for emergencies. All along the way there are cairns & signs saying SOS, showing a picture of a phone & the # 112, the equivalent of 911 in Europe.



The up hill seemed to go on forever. Although I was very slow, I felt strong physically and mentally.

We stopped briefly at the statue of the Virgin of Orrison to have some snacks. A strong wind had come up & we kept moving past a memorial to someone who had died on the Camino.

On one of the rare somewhat level places we were surprised to see a food truck that had driven up the road. We were looking forward to a hot drink maybe, but just as we approached it pulled away! So we sat down on the grass & ate the sandwich we’d gotten from Orrison.



3 thoughts on “Orrison to Roncevalles – May 4 (Part I)

  1. Dear Donna and Brian, we follow you (on your blog) and… we are very impressed and proud! Feel the camino and take care of you!

    Love Thomas and Susan

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