Espinal to Viscarret- May 7

We did another easy day, only 3 miles.  We have been traveling thru Basque country. Theirs is an ancient language,  predating Latin & unrelated to any other language group, probably descended from the earliest tribes in Europe. They are a very proud people who have suffered much. During the Inquisition many were burned as witches. Under Franco Basque language & culture were repressed leading to the formation of ETA, a separatest movement which declared a cease fire in 2011. Now all town & street signs are in Spanish & Basque.  This is a memorial we saw along the trail, written in several languages. Image

At the top of a hill we found this sign where tired pilgrims crossed a road.20140508_103148
The Camino into Viscarret/Gerendiain was a path paved with flat rocks inlaid in cement and easy to walk on. Along the way we were joined by a young Basque man whose large company had just folded. He was in his 4.8 and decided to do the Camino & figure out what to do with his life. I suggested he think about teaching as for an hour or more he gave us a history of the Basque people. That night we stayed in one of the best pensions we’ve come across. Barbara & Estvan are a Hungarian couple who had hiked the Camino a couple times & decided to settle in this small town & open a pension Curason Puro. The served a great dinner, breakfast & did our laundry! Brians MD told him to stay away from caffeine, so they introduced him to Colacau, hot chocolate which is now his favorite drink.20140508_081228
I think it was here we were introduced to Jacotrans, our new best friend,a service that will transport packs or gear to the next albuergue for 7 Euros. We do carry our own packs, put our sandals, sleeping bag and some other heavy stuff in a bag for them to transport.


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