Larrasoana to Trinidad de Arre – May 10

Herman the son of the woman who ran the pension called to find that a cab would cost €26, so offered to take me for €20. That worked fine except that I was at the albuergue by 9:20 & it didn’t open til 12. They let me put my bag inside & I found a nearby park bench to take a snooze on. Sun went out & went to find a café with servisio. Got back to the albuergue which was run by Marist monks about 11:20. Fra. Jesus turned up about then & took pity on me when I managed to convey that I was sick & mi esposo was coming.. He registered me & took me to a small room with only one set of bunks & away from the others. He gave me a blanket and all but tucked me in. I had a good sleep. Went out to look for Brian but we missed each other coming & going thru different doors. Finally caught up, more naps. Fra Jesus was really sweet & kind, helped us get the laundry done. Met Julia & Joanne from Orange County & had dinner with them.



3 thoughts on “Larrasoana to Trinidad de Arre – May 10

  1. Mom….you may not be the fastest walker on the Camino… but its looking like you are the fastest blogger!!!

    I’m impressed how fast you are churning out reports….keep them coming, thanks! It makes me feel like I’m there. I remember on the PCT I was always journalling three or 5 days ago.

  2. Donna, I hope you are feeling better and so happy to hear Uncle Brian’s new favorite drink is chocolate milk! Nancy & Steve just left our house they were here for a weekend visit. Nancy and I shared some mystical Moments this weekend which the theme Was all about heaven. Saw the movie heaven is real then mass the next day was about
    The very same topic. Out to dinner and as soon as we sat down the music Playing was a song from the movie! When we arrived back to our Place friends Dave and Denise from Texas just got in town and came over for a visit and Denise starts telling us that she recently sat at the bedside of a relative who was in a coma and she was Whispering in his ear how beautiful heaven was because she had a personal experience. Well that freaked us out. We called Cathy and had a brief and delightful chat. Her voice was good and strong. I told Her I had heard from her younger brother Brian and that he is in Spain. Cathy said in that very cheeky McCarthy way ” Oh he is just saying that to make you feel good”. Nancy and I just cracked up. So good to hear
    Cathy’s voice. Well you too continue to have a good time. We love you both dearly and love hearing the adventure. Patti

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