Viscarret to Zubiri – May 8

We are currently at a great albuergue in Puente la Reina & its May 16. Congrats to my niece Jackie who just graduated from USA TA Barbara w. A degree in oceanography. We just learned that she is going to take us up on our invite to stay with us for a while. She is hoping to get a job at Scripps Inst. Of Oceanography.

So while I have wifi I’m going to try to catch up on the blog. It’s much easier to do it for each day as it’s hard to remember a week ago!

On the 8th we had to go 6.2 miles as there was nothing in between. There were some ups and downs, with a steep long downhill into Zubiri. There were some nice part to the trail. 20140508_082444
Sadly we passed a memorial to a 65 year old Japanese man who died here on the trail.20140508_111435
The down hill into Zubiri was killer on the feet. As we crossed the Roman squeeze bridge into Zubiri I saw this pilgrim cooling his sore feet.20140508_153630
The bridge is actually called the rabies bridge because when they were building it in the 15th century legend says they found the body of Santa Quite ria the patron saint against rabies. Tradition says that if animals are lead 3 times across the bridge they will be protected from rabies. I only crossed it once. We stayed at a great new albuergue & lucked out with bottom bunks.Great food and a group of pilgrims who sang grace at every meal.


2 thoughts on “Viscarret to Zubiri – May 8

  1. That water looks as clear as the Sierras. That would have been me down there! Way to go, you guys, reading your posts has become a daily ritual. Rog

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