Uterga to Puente la Reina – May 16

I’m posting this out of order while I catch up.

Yesterday was a wonderful walking day. The bunk bed section was full when we made reservations so we got a private room en suite which is always nice. We woke up at 5 & couldn’t get back to sleep so started packing up. Unfortunately the albuergue didn’t open for breakfast until 8:30 so we decided to head off & see if something else wImageas open or get something in the next town. 


The path was well maintained & easy to walk on. We love watching the wind wave the fields of wheat. Seeger, why were our shadows so long?

These pictures are not coming out in the right order.  At the next town there was also nothing open but there was a beautiful church with an unusual sculpture. And a pilgrim fixing his feet. Image


One of the treats of walking in spring are the abundance of beautiful wild flowers. 


We finally found breakfast around 10:30 in Obano. Then carried on a gentle down hill to Puente la Reina. We stayed at the best albuergue yet Albuergue Jakue. Wayne & Debbie put it on you list if it works out time wise.




4 thoughts on “Uterga to Puente la Reina – May 16

  1. Hey Donna and Brian, i love the picture with your two shadows during walking into the sun! It is so cute! 🙂 Hug Thomas!

  2. Jakue is now on the list. Monday to Paris, Tuesday to Bayonne, and start up the hill on Wednesday. Keep trail blazing for us and thanx for the pictures. What kind of camera are you carrying.

  3. Catching up on your travels after return from the States. I hope you are feeling better Donna. Great updates and pictures. I can’t wait to see pictures of you guys with Debbie and Wayne.

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