Pamplona – May 10, 11, 12

It was only a short 2 mile walk from Trinidad de Arre into Pamplona all on city side walks. I was feeling lots better after my rest day. On the way we passed a house totally decorated with shells called Casa de Conchas. 20140511_092830
We had read about Casa Paderborn Jacobs Freud an albuergue run by volunteers of the Germans cofraternity of St. James by the riverside. We got there early so waited in the garden patio.20140512_080007
Herr Franz spoke English & registered you, Fraud Ursala served you a welcoming drink & assigned beds in German like a general. Elder lies were on the bottom bunks & the single girl were in our room while their boyfriends were upstairs.
Taking a hint from the PCT hikers we had mailed a package ahead to ourselves. It was a little bit of a hassle to get it, to our delight we had no problem getting a delightful card from Seeger, Chris & Rachel. Thank you Seeger for choosing the card with a picture of the Castro trolley car we used to take when we lived in SF. Seeger knows many of the songs of his namesake Pete Seeger. When Chris told him we were walking 500 miles he remembered the song about that & suggested we could just take the train like in the song! Seeger really likes trains. Thanks Seeger! Another great treat was an on line gift card from our old Peace Corps friends Bobby & Mike for a foot massage in Pamplona. What a treat! Here’s a picture of Mila starting out with Brian. Many thanks!
You can only stay at most albuergue 1 nite unless you are sick. We decided to move on & on the way to a pension we passed a new hotel which was only €30 more. It was another treat! I was so giddy I kept giggling. The walls at the end of the halls had street scenes.
We walked around and saw a lot. The old part of the city is really charming and also more recently upgraded. Here are some scenes of the city.


3 thoughts on “Pamplona – May 10, 11, 12

  1. Well done!
    Your pilgrimage is a fascination of image and story. Liz and I are staying at the Y, an albergue of sorts, bunk beds and all. Becca sure looks ready for the baby; any day now. Have you met any clerics?

    • Hi Ed, Great to hear from you. American albergue! I’ve been thinking a lot about Becca. Please give her my love & good energy for a safe & easy delivery. Love & hugs to you all.

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