Pamplona to Cizur – May 14

The Camino all through Pamplona is really well waymarked with silver disc’s in addition to the yellow arrows. 20140513_092350
You leave the old section of the city & walk through an newer more modern section. As we were walking through a park we saw a peregrino coming towards us carrying her pack wearing sandals & carrying her boots in her hand. She recognized us from Paderborn. She said her feet were I n such bad shape they’d sent her to a clinic that treated her & told her she had to stay off her feet for at least 2 days. So she was walking all the way back to Paderborn.
At the edge of town you walk through a park like area of a university. 20140513_101239
Pretty soon you are on a dirt path that very quickly is in an agricultural area. A famous battle was fought here between Charlemagne & a Muslim king. Over 100000 soldiers fought in a bloody battle that the Crusader eve tally won. Now there are wild flowers growing in the fields. 20140513_104941
Cizur Menor is the base for the Order of St. John of Malta Hospitalers (Sanjuanistas) who established a monastery there in 1135 to help Pilgrims. Brian remembered that someone had once given his father a pin for this organization.
We stayed in Albuergue Familia Ronald where the family has been taking care of pilgrims for several generations. Maribel the current owner is famous for treating sore feet. She had 2 guys sitting with their feet in tubs of very cold water with vinegar & salt. The dorm room was quite chilly that night.


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