Happy Birthday, Seeger! May 19

Happy Birthday, Seeger-Magoo! This is a special post just for you. You are 5 years old now! I’m so proud of you! You are a good boy & help you dad & mom; you are very smart & know you ABCs & all about circuits. And you have a good sense of humor. You are very funny. I’m still laughing at the post card.”If you want to go 500 miles you should take the train that goes 500 miles” like in the song.
Last nite when we arrived in Lorca I saw a play ground in the town square. I took a picture of it for you because I knew you would like to play there. Do you see the fountain in the picture? It has been there a very long time because peregrinos who walk 500 miles get very thirsty. The water is running all the time so I hope the recycle it.
This morning on the way into Villatwerta (that means ‘twisted village’) we saw a white horse. It’s the second white horse we saw. There is a legend about a white horse on the Camino, but I forget what is.20140519_10295520140516_094330
When we got into town we saw a school with some kids your age playing. I think you would have fun playing with them, but they all speak Spanish. Habra Espanol? No mas?
Did you have a good time at the train park? I’m sorry we missed your birthday. I hope we get to see you when we get home.Maybe we can have a party for you, your dad & Uncle Teo. We love you & miss you all.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Seeger! May 19

  1. “I did have fun!! I went on a roller coaster that played train songs!!! Every train song that I like! It was the first time I went on a roller coaster. Tengo 5 años” -Seeger

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