Puente la Reina to Cirauqui – May 16

I think I previously posted the section before this but here is a picture from a couple days before that on the way to Zariquequi. We sat down to rest getting near the town after along climb. There was a young woman there who, like every body else we meet, was so impressed that Brian is 81, that she wanted to take his picture. That’s happened a couple times. So we got here to take our picture with my phone.
In Puente la Reina we stayed at a great albuergue Albuergue Jakue. Only 4 beds to a cubicle & we had one to ourselves. Washer & dryer, great buffet for pilgrims, very well run. In the 11th century a queen financed a 6 arched bridge over the river Agra to help Pilgrims get across the river safely & avoid the expensive ferry men & treacherous boat rides.
It was a delightful town. As we were leaving we walked through a plaza that was getting set up for some celebration. It was early on Saturday morning & there was a small band marching down one street & up another. They were very good & we gave them bravos.

There was a pleasant level walk for the first mile or so then we began a really steep climb.
And it kept climbing!
And more up! I’ve really gotten my hiking sea legs by now & Brian keeps telling me how well I’m doing, but this was so steep that it really too king the stuffing out of me! And it wasn’t over yet! We stopped at Maneru for lunch, but we’re heading for Cirauqui which was an incredible city on a hilltop.
I thought I had a picture but I guess I was too pooped, but it reminded me of pictures Mont San Michel in France. Try to Google it. The streets wind and twist in Maze like creation. As usual the church was at the top oh the hill. And as St James would have it our albuergue was in the town square across from the church!
I have to do a part 2 to this post as there is lots more but we are heading out to see what’s happen outside our room in Estella & find some comida.


3 thoughts on “Puente la Reina to Cirauqui – May 16

  1. This photo:

    Reminds me of a painting by one of the Spanish modern art masters, not Miro..or Picasso…where a boy is playing with a stick and a hoop and a shadow is seen around a corner of a street. I can see how the artist was inspired.

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