Zarquiquie to Uterga – May 15

At the hostel in Zariquequi there were 3 Polish peregrinos. As we were getting ready to leave one of them was sitting dejectedly in an arm chair his feet all in bandages. I pointed to his feet & looked sympathetically. He said “Kaput” & indicated with outstretched arms that he was flying home to Poland.It was also here that we met & befriended Ilse from the Black Forest area of Germany. She hiked faster than we did–everyone did! We met up a couple more nites for dinner.
This was the sunrise through the screen window.
This was the day we had to climb Alto De Perdon “where the way of the wing meets the way of the stars”. It’s about a 1500 ft climb and was challenging.
Taking advantage of the strong winds, the electric company has built rows of windmills across the mountain crests. They also built the famous depiction of a row of pilgrims walking into the wind. As you climb you can see the above you.
The legend is that if you climb Alto De Perdon all you sin will be forgiven for you life. If my sins were forgiven it was because of the struggle going down which was much much harder than coming up. This was the hell to endure & really dangerous. One false step & Camino was kaput!
In this picture you can see people heading down. And in this one the piles of large loose unstable rock we had to navigate. Try zooming in. 20140515_110423
One good thing was that th climate on the other side of the mountains was more Mediterranean & warmer. We hadn’t been warm since San Diego!


One thought on “Zarquiquie to Uterga – May 15

  1. Great progress Mom & Dad! Way to overcome that climb and downhill. The downhill terrain indeed looks like San Diego, very Mediterranean. I guess the Spanish must have felt at home when they arrived in San Diego.

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