Cirauqui to Lorca – May 18

We have been learning that in the old days the animals were kept on the bottom floor of the house & people lived above them. At the albergue if you go outside around & down to the left you enter the bar & dining area. It is windowless & made of stone looking very much like a cave. For dinner the nite before Ayune
seated us in a small cave room with a round table with 2 Spaniards in their 50s who had come from Santiago by bike & were returning, and a young Korean college student. We had a very enjoyable meal, good food, & local wine which I only had a few sips of. I had had several frustrating days with my phone not working at all. Our young Korean who also had a Samsung took it apart took the sim card out & put it back. Once I put in the code I was back in business. As he was leaving the next morning I was able to call out the balcony & thank him.
As I’d had a hard day the day before we decided to do a short 3.5 mile day. As we left tow Brian pointed out a world map on the hillside which had been a school project.
After a steep but short down over a Roman bridge then we came up to a place where the Camino crossed a major highway. An over pass had built several years ago after a Canadian pilgrim had been killed there. Her husband had built a memorial to her.
It was an easy day walking, only one short uphill to start.
We walked downhill then through a tunnel under passing the highway again. There was some interesting grafitti. I liked this one.
Then we came to a famous medieval bridge which seemed to be a good lunch stop & place to soak achy feet. Brian & I also stopped for lunch.
There easy a group of teenagers from Clonmel Co. Tipperary on a school trip. There was also a group of Italians. WheneverWhenever Brian finds out what country people are from he sings a song about their country. He started singing Pavarotti ‘ s theme song Vinccera from Tarandot. Several joined in for a few lines, but we met up with them in Lorca and had a great song fest. I was able to record part of it, but I’m not able to put it onto the blog so here are picture of the two of them. Everyone was joining in & it was a great Camino moment.


5 thoughts on “Cirauqui to Lorca – May 18

  1. Bravissimo Brian! I wanna hear Brian Mc Pavarotti with my own ears! Please make a MP3 next time, so we can feel the Moment a Little bit either! Take care Thomas

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