Lorca to Villatuerta – May 18

At dinner that night in Lorca we sat with a mother & daughter team from Denmark and a 26 year old Korean Woman Who Was Doing Her second Camino.20140518_191042
We were up early & saw a beautiful sunrise through the screen.
We thought the albergue was going to have toasted bread & coffee, but no one was about so we headed out. About 1/4 mile down the road we saw a vending machine with with coffee & hot chocolate. There was a young Canadian woman who joined us. Julia was delightful. She lived in Winnipeg & wanted to get out of the cold winter they’d had. She was from Ontario but had gone to Winnipeg on a Christian internship & decided to stay. We had met someone the day before who said it had snowed in Chicago the day before. 20140519_083540
Julia was planning to do 20 k that day.
There was the possibility of rain that day so we wimped again & opted for an easy 3 miles to Villatuerta instead of 6 harder to Estella. When Julia asked how far we were going and we said just to the next town she couldn’t stop laughing. We told her that at that rate we should make it by Christmas. I think she probably chuckled about us all day.
And glad we were that we stayed in Villatuerta we got to stay in La Casa Magica & meet Simone from Brazil. She’d walked the Camino 7 years ago, seen the building for sale, came back & bought it and renovated th old house into an amazing albergue. Having been a pilgrim herself she added so many touches to help Pilgrims. A wonderful dinner soup, salad, fish or meat entrée plus dessert. Then a fantastic buffet spread for breakfast. Plenty of showers and toilets. A lounge, a deck hammocks, etc.
TORMENTAS!! That night we were woken up about 10:30 with a huge crash of thunder. What followed was a half an hour of one of the most intense thunderstorms I’ve ever been in. There was no counting between the Thunder & lightening. It was just one e on top of the other! But finally we got back to sleep & slept well.


One thought on “Lorca to Villatuerta – May 18

  1. We ventured down the backside of the Pyrenees yesterday after storms and hail all the way up. Coming down was steep and treacherous even in the light and we were thinking all the way down how wise and prudent you were. Hear that the storm caught folks with no way down until this morning. We pass try Pamplona tomorrow.
    Buen Camino.

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