I’ve been wanting to add sections on reflecting about the Camino experience,  I never seem to be able to catch up. Thomas Handler our friend from Germany wants to know about feet & bones etc.

When I was at home I tried to imagine what it would be like to get up every morning and walking. I couldn’t.  In the beginning here every day was new & challenging.  One morning I remember thinking yikes we are really going to have to do this every day for the next month and a half!  The reality had finally set in. But then we began to settle into a pattern. And a funny thing happened. Yesterday we took the bus for the first time as thunderstorms were predicted & we didn’t want to risk walking in open fields, remembering the tormentas the night before. And to our surprise both of us missed walking!  And it was really good to be walking again today. We did about 5 miles and at a good clip, although the were mostly level miles. 

Regarding out feet–Thanks to St. James, REI (our local gear strore) for good boots and socks, far we  are not having any foot problems (knock on wood). We have been on the road for 20 days. No blisters,  although we’ve seen lots of people with b ad blisters, pulled ligaments,  tendinitis. They are always people who do a lot more miles a day than we do.

The other thanks goes to John, Randy ‘ s friend who told us about Arnica cream or gel, from his experience doing the Camino.  We rub it on our feet after we get in to the albergue & shower.  I rub it on my feet again every morning before I start and also use it on the ankle I sprained before I left. I also put a small piece of mole skin on each of my baby toes to prevent blisters there. I learned back in the Scouting days to stop as soon as you feel a hot spot and put some mole skin on it. I wish I had brought more of it as you can’t find it here. People use Compeed if you have a blister.

That’s not to say that your feet don’t hurt, especially on the balls of your feet, but that’s where the Arnica is so good.

So that’s the foot report! 


Brian says by now we’ve finished our Camino training.  


7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. We really admire your spirit and courage. Hard to believe you have been on the road so long, but we are thrilled to know all goes well.

    • Dear Sr. Louise, Sr. Mercedes, Sr. Gabriel, and all the Carmel women, thanks for your encouragement & prayers. We think of you often. It’s quite an amazing trip! Lots of love, Brian & Donna

  2. You two are really finding your sea legs and getting your stride. It reminds me a lot of the Pacific Crest Trail. I tell people the best training you’ll do for a long trip like the PCT is the first week of the Trail! Its so fortunate that you don’t have (bad) blisters!

    Yeah, I remember the feeling on the PCT when it dawns on you “I’m going to just get up and walk EVERY DAY from here on out!”. Then after weeks of doing it, its hard to imagine not walking on a given day.

    Keep on truckin’ you’re doing great. Love you!!

    • Thanks for that encouragement honey. Much appreciated. Took the bus from Torres del Rio to Logrono as it was pouring & decided to Stay in a hotel tonight for my birthday. Had planned to walk tomorrow, but dad came down with a cold so will stay for a second night. It’s such a treat to have your own room & own bathroom!

  3. Concur with Chris….enjoy your time together and each day. Oh and call me old fashion but Brian should be rubbing the cream on your feet 🙂

  4. And Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Donna, happy birthday to you 🙂

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