Villatuerta to Estella – May 20

First a pretty picture on the way to Villatuerta that didn’t get included yesterday.
We left Casa Magica early after good bye hugs & kisses (both cheeks) from Simone the night before. The Time position weather app I had downloaded predicted rain so we donned our rain gear.
On the way out of town we passed the 14th century Iglesia La Asuncion.
Just off the path was the Ermita de San Miguel. We didn’t go in but understand it has a table covered with pages of prayers to the Saint in every language.
We went over a newer wooden bridge that was steep & slippery from the nights rain.
We passed a mare with her colt & a little dog that hung out close with them.
An ad for an albergue on the way onto Estella.
Having problems uploading pictures so will have to finish later.


6 thoughts on “Villatuerta to Estella – May 20

  1. Happy Birthday Sis! I almost forgot. How old was the colt? I enlarged the pic you posted and I could see a red blotch on the ground behind him. Which might mean that he was just born.

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