Estella cont’d

Seeger this picture is for you because you like cranes. This one is helping to restore a very very old church. 20140520_100153
And a biblioteca for your mom.
Every town has at least one plaza, the main one in front the church. Small towns have a little one, but big towns like Estella have a really big one. Since people don’t eat dinner ti 8 pm everybody gather in the plaza to visit. After school the kids meet their friends there to kick a soccer ball around or ride their bikes.
A lot of bars and restaurants on the Camino have a big pilgrim meal at 7 pm, but we are often ready to eat before that. This day we found The Diner on the corner of the plaza. We skipped the hamburgers & milkshakes for a paella.
The next morning thunderstorms were predicted & there were couple of big hills so we wimped & took the bus to Los Arcos. First we had lunch at the bus estacion, Seeger & you would have liked it a lot because it had a train going around the whole room on a track up near the ceiling.


9 thoughts on “Estella cont’d

    • Thank you Seeger, Chris & Rachel. Having a good stay at a hotel in Logrono. Will stay another nite as dad has a cold and better to rest a day than walk. Seeger today Grampa & I went to the Correo to mail you a caja with some Spanish friends for Thomas. Una camion Amarillo Correo y una tren Espanol. Love, Gramma

  1. Who wouldn’t like to find a diner with burgers and paella! Am loving your travelogue! You are certainly an inspiration – walking all day and keeping up with your great posts! Am off to the soup kitchen in a while and will rave about you – we miss you Brian!

    • No thunderstorms, lots of rain. The other factors that played into the bus decision were a very long steep uphill climb & a long section with no towns or services. We’re doing ‘The Senior Tour’!

  2. We read your blog and view your pics every night before we go to bed. Enjoying it so much!
    Glad your feet are holding up and it looks like you are having such great experiences meeting people from all over the world and seeing so many towns and villages. Great blog, Donna and love pics of Brian and you. Our love and best wishes, Karen & Dave

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