Los Arcos to Torres del Rio – May 22

Los Arcos got its name from a battle in 914 when 3 kings all named Sancho (from Navarre, Castille and Aragon) fought over the area. The Navarre army won because of their excellent archers, so the city coat of arms contains bows (arcos) and arrows.
There is a lovely plaza in front of the church filled with pilgrims this day as sun came & went.
It’s also common to see a stork nesting on top of a church tower.
It was a fairly easy level 5 mile walk to Torres del Rio with some uphill toward the end, but on the way a good view of the town of Sansol.
The rain threatened all day but we made it there before the rain. An uphill climb into the village after crossing an old bridge being restored with EU funds.
The church is the Santo Sepulchre, 8 sided church, the origins unknown but thought to be associated with the Knights Templar. However the is a small Muslim niche in it.
We marveled at the stone work.
Inside the albergue there were some amazing pictures painted by a friend of the owner including this Buddhist monk! This one’s for you, LP. And across from him was this suit of armour. Seeger, do you think there is a man inside?
And Spanish swords for Teo.20140522_165113


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