Pyrenees Stories

I was so happy to see the comment from Wayne & Debbie that the had made it safely over the Pyrenees, despite hail and bad weather although it sounds as if some others had bee stranded. When we made the decision to call 112 very much in my mind were 3 stories I’d read before I left home; one of a woman who fallen & broken her leg, and a blog these from 2 nuns. One had done a face plant, broken her glasses & had a huge black eye, fortunately no eye damage. Her companion had also fallen & injured her arm. At Villatuerta we met Paul & Rachel from Phoenix. They had come down a few days after us and passed a woman who fallen & broken her leg & was screaming in pain as the 2 bomberos tried to attend her. They were there in there jeep; perhaps Jaime & José who helped us. A young man listening to the story had see the same thing & heard in Roncevalles that she had a compound fracture & had to be helicopter ed out. Two young kids added how they’d walked up to Orrison, but stayed around for a coup Le of beers before heading out at 6 pm!!! A decision they now admit was very stupid! They didn’t even make it to the mountain hut & just rolled out there bags in a sheep paddock freezing all night & hardly sleeping as they watched the moon slide by. Then we met the Canadian who was doing his 2nd Camino. He did it last year when Europe had a v dry cold winter. They had several inches of snow, but learned that someone had died of exposure that night. I think we had a lot of angels watching over us that night.


4 thoughts on “Pyrenees Stories

  1. Happy Birthday , Donna. Love and good wishes for your journey. Really enjoying being able to read about your trip and love seeing all the pictures. I really like the story of the song swapping!

  2. Hi Everybody who’s reading!

    Please Join me in wishing Donna a Happy Birthday!!!

    She was born on this day in 1942!

    Perhaps we need to change the subtitle of the blog to a 72 year old??? 🙂

    While I can’t deliver a Birthday present in person, the heavens have a special treat tonight that all the world can see: there will be a meteor shower tonight that’s never been seen before, as far as we know….. The Earth will cross the path of a newly discovered comet producing an unknown number of meteor streaks in the night sky on the night of May 23rd, and probably even more on the wee hours of May 24. So if you are up before dawn on the 24th take a look at the skies.

    Buen Camino Mom & Dad!

    • Thanks, Chris, for the greetings & info about the new comet & meteor shower. We’ve been having a few bands of rain & cloudy skies, but the sun is out this morning. An encouraging sign.

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