A Happenin’ Plaza

Last Sat. as we were leaving Estella, I think, we ran into a band. This morning we also heard a band in the plaza. When we went to explore all kinds of things were happening. There was a loud but good drum band dancers.
There was a blow up place for the kids to play & group raising money for a kids by selling paella & a drink for 2€.
The paella was really good.As we ate ours we were joined by 2 pilgrims from Slovenia, Marco & Moishe. The spoke excellent English as well as several other languages.
Later we were back at the plaza looking for supper, but too early as usual. However it was really active. Tonight is the big game between Real Madrid & Athletica Madrid. There was a crazy athmosphere with people dressed in costumes,one group all dressed up as Conquistadors singing dancing and bombing each other on the head. I didn’t get my camera out in time, but there were groups all dressed up for something.
We actually stayed over another night at a very enjoyable hotel, as Brian was battling a cold, but are going to have to get back on the road tomorrow in spite of the rain that’s predicted for the next few days. Finally a picture from a sunny time yesterday of a rose garden in another plaza.


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