Logrono – May 23 & 24

    The rain in Spain doesn’t stay mainly on the plain. We’ve had a few rainy days & Are In For A Few more. We decided to bus it yesterday from Torres del Rio. I was able to find the bus time on my phone as well as the location of the bus stop at the bottom of the hill on my Google map. At the bottom of the hill was a covered bus stop with a bench. We took cover there as we’d left in pouring rain. A car drove up & ; parked nearby, came over to us made us understand that for bus to Lorgorno we needed to stand on the other side of the road. Had he not done that we’d have missed the only bus that day. That’s an example of the kindness that so many people show to t He pilgrims. They really respect what we are doing & many locals have also do be the Camino so know what it entails. It was a really comfortable bus and we’d out packs under the bus. As we rode along we saw we saw many peregrinos along the way, some carrying umbrellas, some with good rain gear & some with their ponchos flapping in the wind. Logrono is a large city & we drove through a big industrial area that would have been pleasant to walk thru. At the bus station we got a map from a very helpful information lady & walked the few blocks in light rain.


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