Logrono to Navarette – May 25

It was really hard to leave the best shower on the Camino at the hotel Marquis de Vallejo in addition to their fantastic breakfast buffet. Especially since we were heading out in the rain! However we were up early so skipp20140525_101742ed the breakfast for a coffee con Leche a little further on. As we went Through the now empty plaza early Sunday morning there were guys out in the rain using big power hoses to wash down the mess left by the revelers from the night before. Brian had stayed awake to watch the big game, but fell asleep about 10 minutes from the end with Real Madrid leading 1-0. We learned at checkout the Athletica Madrid had come back to tie, but on OT Real h ad scored 3 more points, so he missed the most exciting part of the game.
The first part of the walk was through city streets, Brian still sniffling & appreciating hi favorite handkerchief.
For about the next 2.5 miles we had lovely walking through several parks that were connect. The first was a lovely grass park with play areas benches, pond with swans. For early on a Sunday morning there were a number of walkers, runners & bikers. We went underpass in a tunnel with some interesting art, some of it cleverly changing the underlying grafitti into pictures.
We then entered a wetlands park with an easy level trail through it waymarked with stylized pilgrim shells. That lead to a huge park with a lake for fishing, play grounds, picnic tables, BBQ areas.But best of all a restaurant & a WC! We had the usual jam on & quest Bocdillo (sandwich on a small roll) & a Colacau hot chocolate to take the chill off. This is obviously a popular place to bring the family. A couple of kids were trying to fly kites. And we m eft a funny peregrino from Haina hiking with two Korean girls.
After the park we walked for a couple of miles through hillsides of grapes. La Rioja is a major grape growing area with many bodegas (wineries). We e climb a long hill and came up to a path parallel in the highway. Passing pilgrims weave crosses into the fence.
Along came a man on a horse. The sun finally came out & we could see Navarette ahead.
This was the longest day we’ve had since the Pyrenees – 7.8 miles. They weren’t hard miles, but that last mile was really hard on the feet, and the up hill climb to the albergue was tough. As we were getting close to town we passed the ruins of an old pilgrim hostel, built around
As we got closer we saw a peregrino & his perro crawling into hi sleeping bag for a nap. Not sure where he was going for the night as rain was again approaching. 20140525_143154
That’s all for now.


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