Ups and Downs on the Camino

And we don’t mean the hills! When we decided to do this tripI put together an elaborate spreadsheet planning on doing about 8 miles a day. I sent it to John Harrison who said it was very nice but wondered how long it would last. Well Jon it last 2 days, if you don’t count the ride from the bomberos! However, we were pleased to be able to do the 7.7 miles to Navarette on Sunday. But either the miles or the weather or both took there toll. Brian ‘ s cold came back with a vengeance and he was feeling pretty bad. We went out in the rain & cold to the one open restaurant and had a very welcome bowl o f hot soup and some pinxos. We found the church & attended the mass that was going on. Brian was able to receive communion. We soon realized it was a funeral mass. I was no able to take pictures, sadly, as it was a spectacular church, whole front & altar was gold all the way to the ceiling. We headed back to the albergue, to our double room w shared bath. Brian still felt really crummy, the that night I got a bad case of diarrhea. The next morning we were in no shape to walk, wanted to get out of the cold alberque. The area has been going thru a cold spell for about a week. Lows in the 40s & highs in 50s. The houses are not heated so you can really never get warm and that was really getting us down, then feeling sick. The mama of the house Senora Victoria invited us into her kitchen for hot tea, ‘bisquits’ with home made jam. Her husband Senor Martin offered to give us a ride to Santo Domingo for a lot less than the taxi. We took him up on that gratefuly. At the hostal Rey Pedro I we both immediately crawled under a warm blanket & slept. I woke up on an hour but Brian slept for 2 more hours. Found a supermarcardo to buy a couple things then Brian slept some more. He now felt like he was running a temp so we went to the farmacia across the street to buy a thermometer & more cold meds. We were beginning to worry about the possibility of Brian getting pneumonia which he has always had a propensity for. If that happened we wanted to be in a city that had a hospital. We also desperately wanted to get warm. So decided we’d head for Burgos the next day by bus.

So obviously we are way behind schedule. We plan to be in Sarria on June 19 to meet Brian ‘ s Irish cousins. So we are going to need to some busing in order to catch up.

We actually found sun in Burgos!!! Things sre already looking up. More tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Ups and Downs on the Camino

  1. Hi, Steve, Nancy Hawker, Beth, Eric, Ellie, Malia, Carol, Dave Soderlund talked about your adventure at cook out Memorial Day here in Florida. Hope you get warm and healthy!

  2. Hope you are both feeling better. Be proud you guys are doing this adventure together. I hope Jody and I will have similar adventures in our future.

  3. Dearest Uncle Brian and Donna, Sending you thoughts and prayers for good health & warmth! Wish I could overnight a heated blanket! Sending lots of love.. xoxoxo

    • You are so sweet, Patti. This hotel was a real treat, but we have to move on if we are ever going to get to Santiago. A beautiful sunrise this morning, but it’s raining again w temps in the low 50s. Bus again!

  4. Not to worry about the bussing….you’ll get there when you get there how you get there.

    Glad your doing better & hope you get a warm stretch to dry off & warm up. Love you lots!

    • Lovely sunrise this morning, but it’s raining again, temps I now 50s. We had planned to walk 6 miles today, but the only albergue in town didn’t answer there phone after numerous tries so we’ll bus to the next town instead. We are both anxious to be walking again. Love you Mom

  5. Donna & Brian, you are both in all of our prayers and well wishes for good health and sunny weather. Take it easy for now and thank goodness for the buses. Love, Karen & family

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