Burgos & Sun (for a day)

While eating a pizza in Santo Domingo (we didn’t get the hot dog) we decided to take the bus to Burgos. I used helpful Trip Advisor to find a great hotel close to the bus station and the cathedral.
We had seen on the news there was a town that had gotten 6 inches of hail and from the bus we saw mountains not far away with snow on them. But when we got to Burgo…There was sun!
A long nap after checking in, then lunch. Their restaurant is only for breakfast otherwise you get room service. We got lovely salads. I’m embarrassed to show the picture as it shows the lovely French windows looking out on the park & river! I suggested that we could stay here for the next month & I’d make up stories for the blog.
In the afternoon we took a stroll along the park.
We learned there was a Carmelite convent not far away. Since Brian’s sister Cathy, Sister Mercedes, is a Carmelite nun in Concord, NH, we decided to visit and bring a nice box of chocolates. We were greeted at the turn (greeting window For orders that are not open to the public) by Sister Rosa. We stumbled along trying to explain about Sr. Mercedes, but it turns out Sr. Rosa was Korean! Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take the picture of her I intended, just go the outside. I know Sr. Mercedes & the NH Carmels are reading this, so we are thinking about along the way. Brian left your address so you might hear from them.
The good news is that Brian seems to be feeling much better. Amazing what having warm digs for a couple days can do to your health & spirit! The not so great news is that it was pouring this morning. Even this little dog had his own rain coat!
The sun seems to be trying to come out this afternoon, so hopefully tomorrow we can change from touristas back to peregrinos. We are off to visit the cathedral now.


4 thoughts on “Burgos & Sun (for a day)

  1. So fascinated by your pilgrimage, so impressed with your growing Spanish vocabulary, and so hopeful you will get and stay well and that nothing terrible befall you! With much love and with prayers.

  2. Happy to hear Brian is feeling better and I know it is a relief for you as well. Stay warm….

    Love reading your adventure and so love your humor! Continued success.

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