Burgos – May 29

There was a lovely sunrise this morning, but alas it didn’t last long and now it’s raining again with temps in the low 50s. We are both anxious to get back on the road again & had planned to walk 6 miles today. Unfortunately numerous calls to the only albergue in town went unanswered. We decided it was to chancy to arrive there, possibly drenched with no place to sleep. So the plan is to bus to the tow after that then start walking again. That will get us up to only one day behind schedule. Yesterday afternoon we went to see the cathedral. It is overwhelming! It’s huge! There actually about 20 some separate chapels all around it, all incredible! Unfortunately the battery on my camera ran out so I only got a few pictures. But before we went in I had to take a picture just for Seeger of the tourist trolley parked in the plaza. I was wishing you were here Seeger so we could take a ride together!
The cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site. I really want to read more about it. It is well organized. With our pilgrim credential we got in for 1/2 price. €3.5 You get a device like a telephone that tells you to push a number for a description of each chapel, built by some wealthy person. It was interesting how some of them were tombs for themselves, or full of busts of their family members while others were totally dedicated to a saint e.g. Saint Anne.
These of course don’t do it justice. I wish I knew how to put in a link. Our bus doesn’t leave til 5:30, but we have to check out in a few minutes & I’ll loose the hotel wifi. My Orange sim card is used up for this month until 6/3. I kept putting more € but it turns out that was for phone & text which I haven’t been using. That’s what happens when you aren’t a techie & can’t read all the messages in Spanish they send me! Til later.


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