Bye Bye Burgos

Some pictures from our hotel window & scenes around Burgos. First, all the farmacia have green neon cross signs with the time, temp & messages about controlling your cholesterol etc. When we went out at noon I caught this across from the hotel.
13.5 C = ~56 F. Our guide book keeps telling us we’ve now entered a Mediterranean climate. Really?? We met some people at the Evolution Muse (checking out the Atapuerca exhibit). The were from Penn. & we talked about their cold winter. They said it was warmer there now than here. The dad had lived in Ocean Beach & PB.
View of the cathedral from the museum. Dad with handkerchief.
Our hotel & pictures from our room.


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Burgos

    • I never thought of it being north of Boston! The history is fascinating. The two old history majors are really enjoying it. Thanks for the link. That got us off on Isabela then Katherine of Aragon, etc.

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