Fromista cont’d

Several other treats in Fromista, besides the clean laundry.
First the sun was shining! It was windy, but the sun felt really good. This town was not built on a hill and the lay out now seems more modern with wider street in the center of town, but they are probably more narrow in another part of town. My guide book mentioned that Friday was market day and luckily we stumbled on it near the church plaza.

We found Tony and Martin who sell cheese and meat like sausage and ham. The were happy to cut smaller size pieces for us to take for lunch tomorrow. They travel from town to town on different market days. Tony has walked the Camino twice, speaks English really well and would love to go go California if he can sell enough cheese!!
D as D bought an apple and some cherries and we headed back to the albergue. It ha some lovely gardens and sitting areas but the bunk bed room is colder than outside and no amount of begging would get us both bottom bunks.
Tomorrow we are back on the trail again for a flat six miles.


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