Unexpected Pleasures – Fromista , May 30

20140530_114552After we decided to take the bus to Castrojeriz we realized we should have gone on to Fromista instead as there was a steep climb and even steeper descent between them with all kinds if warnings. The only bus from Castrojeriz to Fromista was at 6 pm which meant hanging around all day waiting for the bus. We had a lot of laundry to do & they had a place to do it at Fromista. SO We very guiltily took a taxi to Fromista. However, that brought us a lot of unexpected treats. The first was Jesus our driver who was a delight. He spoke no English but it’s amazing how we are able to understand more Spanish & communicate. He told us that the cold weather we were having was very unusual. He pointed out special towns & historical sites, stopped for me to take pictures of the famous Canal built in 1779 for irrigation.
As we were leaving a town he saw a pilgrim heading the wrong way so waved him down & redirected him much to appreciation of the lost pilgrim. (He was Korean, one of many young Koreans doing the Camino. The taxi driver noted this also.)
Since the albuergue didn’t open til 1 pm we had time to wander around town & see two of the churches. The first was San Pedro, a ‘newer’one from the 15th century.
The real treat was Saint Martin which Jesus told us to be sure to see. It was commissioned by the widow of Sancho III & built beginning in 1066!!! It is reputedly one of the finest examples of pure Romanesque architecture in Spain was subsequently restored but the main part was there.
The Christ figure above is from the 13th century. The statue of St. James (Santiago) is from the 14th century. Note his traditional scallop shell, staff, cape. (No high tech clothes like the current pilgrims! )
I don’t know about this statue of the Virgin & child, but I liked it.

I’m going to post this before I loose it and will add some things later.


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