Villamentero – May 31

It was very good to be walking again! It was an easy level 10K, about 6 miles. When we started out, in this Mediterranean climate (which Chris has pointed out is more northerly than Boston) the temperature on the thermo meter read 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Did I tell you about Victor? We met him in Sto. Domingo the evening we had decided to take the bus to Burgos. We were at the bus kiosk trying to find information about a bus the next morning. He was looking for the same info. He lives in Holland but speaks fluent Spanish. He was very helpful. We chatted for while and we talked about how cold we were. When we saw him the next morning for the bus he said he’d told his wife about us and she said, “Tell them if the want to be warm they should get on a plane to the Canary Islands and lie in the sun!”
We saw this as we left Fromista.
The Meseta is a region of high plains the extends from Burgos to Leon. It is very flat with open fields and little shade. It is also know for being very warm, and in the 9th in late June – August. That was the reason we decided to walk in the Spring and also for the wild flowers.
We found a small park with benches out side of one town and joined some other pilgrims for lunch of our salami, cheese & bread from the open market yesterday. Some other scenes along the way:
This town had 2 places to stay listed on the guide, Castille Dona Petra, casa rural, like B & B or an albergue where you could get a bunk for €6, a teepee for €5 or a hammock for €3.
I don’t think the donkey in the background is included with the hammock! We went with Dona Petra, a double Room With Our own bath, no Top bunk!


2 thoughts on “Villamentero – May 31

  1. Great to be following you guys “real time” and very happy that you both are doing so well! We folks at Friday lunch miss you Brian and are looking forward to your safe return (you do plan to return don’t you??? Smile emoticon). Keep on treking…


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