History, New Friends and a Pilgrim Blessing

Where do I start? There is so much to say, but I don’t want to bore you all! What an adventure we are having! First, the choice of Casona Dona Petra was great for several reasons. We learned that the house in some form had been a pilgrim hostel for five hundred years! It was named for her abuela (that’s grandma, Seeger.) I told her nothing in the US is 500 years except maybe a tepee (like the one at the other albergue.) That got a laugh!

The other good thing was that we met Jean et François Berger who live south of Paris & very close to where Dango Rinehart lived, one of Brian’s favorites. They have an annual Dango festival which is a new item on Brian’s bucket list! We exchanged email addresses & promised to keep in touch.

This is a very small town with the smell of animals (cows & sheep) which is pretty much present in all towns along the way. View from our window of the no longer used church.
Today's walk was also a 10 K, but had a long slow incline. We stopped in a village for a morning break.
Of course there was a church we had to visit th Vergen20140601_111909 Blanco who became so famous for her miracles that the Camino was diverted through this town.
We got into Carrion de Los Condes around 2, shoeered, ate lunch, did laundry, napped then got a quick supper so we could attend the 7 pm Pilgrim Mass at beautiful Iglesia Santa Maria.

It was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of the trip. After the mass the priest asked all the peregrinos to come up to the front. There must have been about 200! He first had ever one raise their hand as he named the country. Then he gave a general pilgrim blessing. Following that he had each of come up individually as he placed both hands on your head, held them there as he blessed you, then made the sign of the cross on your forehead. Then a nun gave you a little star to remind you they would be praying for you. It was very emotional and several people were in tears. It was beautifully done, very kind and thoughtful.
Unfortunately I’m having problems uploading those pictures so will post this the add the pictures.


3 thoughts on “History, New Friends and a Pilgrim Blessing

    • Thanks, Karen. It’s amazing that tomorrow we will have been on th Camino for a month! The days & towns sort of run together. Sometimes it all seems like a dream! Miss you guys. Thanks for keeping in g touch. It means a lot!

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