Sahagun and Leon – June 4

It’s hard to believe that yesterday we’d been on the Camino one month! Sometimes it all seems like a dream. When you try to remember them, the days seem to run together, or as Brian has corrected me ‘walk’ together.
The segment after Carrion de Contes was about 12 miles with no towns, services or water. We decided we weren’t up to that so opted for the bus to Sagahun. Luckily we were warned to get our tickets early as a German couple was told there was only one seat left, so decided to hitch. That morning many of the pilgrims were going all the way to Leon, but we decided to go to Sagahun. Even if we are busing sections we like to stop and flavor different towns.
In Carrion de Contes I’d been walking around with 4 layers. The sun was shining but it was still cold. I couldn’t believe the change when the bus dropped us off as you saw in the photo yesterday.

We decided to stay at the hostal of the Benedictine Convent.
It was an interesting experience. Vespers at 6 with 9 nuns who called the 20 pilgrims up for a blessing afterwards. There w as s a communal dinner with lots of good conversation and stories. Eric from Norway was very interested in the old. Norwegian census records I’d used when I was doing Sr. Gabriel ‘ s genealogy.
While it was in the 70s outside, the rooms (like monastic cells but with a bathroom) were freezing! Probably in the 50s! The next morning at breakfast we were happy to meet up again with George a retired German architect whose specialty was restoring old historic buildings & has traveled around the world doing that. We’d had dinner with him a few days ago at an albergue & really hit it off.
We also met up again with Paul & Rachel from Phoenix. The told us how they had planned to walk 15 or 20 K, but every town the came to all the albergue were ‘completo’ full. When they had gone 30 miles Rachel sat down & took off her boots. Paul called a cab that brought them to the Benedictine Convent. Several people also told the same story. It appears the are more peregrinos walking this year. Some one else reported that friends who gone ahead to Sarria said that the Camino was shoulder to shoulder with people walking. (Did I already blog this???)
The next couple segments had very long stretches or parts the one of the guide books suggested skipping as it along highways or through several miles if industrial area. We discovered that Sagahun had a train to Leon, so we just had to do that so I could get train pictures for my nieto, Seeger. Will add more train pictures tomorrow. Having wifi problems.


4 thoughts on “Sahagun and Leon – June 4

  1. I remember the first month or so on the Pacific Crest Trail, I could remember every campsite I’d camped in for the last month….then after about 1 month, it started to all become a blur!

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