More ups and downs on the Camino

So yesterday Brian & I sat down to map out the next month.We had first planned to take a bus 10 K out of the city (recommend) to avoid an ugly industrial area, then start walking through more of the meseta to Astorga, which would have taken several days at our pace. When we counted the days to Sarria we realized that would cut down on the time we’d need to get through the next 2 mountain ranges. SO we opted to skip the rest of the meseta, take the bus to Astorga & start up into the mountains tomorrow. I was looking forward to the mountain scenery and we were both really anxious to get walking again. It’s funny how it can become addictive. So we sent our bigger mochillas off to Astorga and headed off to the bus station, on the way ‘passing’ Debi & Wayne Davis, nephew John’ friends from Germany who We’re having a cup of coffee con Leche & some yummy looking Pastries. It’s the only time we’ll every pass them on the Camono!
After emailing back & forth we had finally caught up with them in Leon & had dinner with Debi last night as Wayne was feeling sick.
Then we headed off for the bus station, bought our tickets & went to get lunch. All of a sudden Brian told me he felt a little dizzy, something that is generally followed by his passing out, which he did! To make a long story short we were taken by ambulance to hospital where he had EKG, chest Xrsy& cat scan of his head. He was running a low grade temp so they gave him a paracetamol drip.
All the staff were friendly and helpful. End result is everything was clear and the MD game very us an Rd for azithromycin in case it it pneumonia, which I think it is, and some Paracetamol for temp which was higher by the time we got back to hotel 100.6. The hotel staff was really helpful in getting the mochillas back from Astorga and getting Brian a big bowl of Hot soup, which helped him feel a lot better. We’ll reassess tomorrow, but mostly another couple days here til him self is feel better.


16 thoughts on “More ups and downs on the Camino

  1. Please take care…..something to learn from each segment; planned and unplanned. You are covered in prayer.The Greeleys

  2. Get well Uncle Brian, rest up, and both of you take care of yourselves. Sending prayers for good health.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the snags along the way. Hope you get well soon Brian, and get back on the road.

  4. thanks for calling Chris, he caught me up.Glad everything was clear. Be safe, Take the steps you need to take when you need to take them. Love, Teo and Melissa.

    • Thanks Teo. Unfortunately Dad is worse & I’m sure it’s pneumonia. I’m thinking he should be in the hospital. Will check w Debi who is a nurse practitioner. Place let Chris know & I’ll keep in touch. Love you , Mom

  5. Prayers and best wishes for Brian! You two are so amazing and I hope Brian gets better soon.. Love from Arne and Ellen

  6. I hope Brian is feeling better! And take care of yourself too. Hope you are staying in a pleasant place–no top bunk

  7. We have been eagerly following your adventures. So sorry you hit such a snag. Lots of prayers coming your way for a quick recovery and lots of hugs to send you on your way. Nancy and Steve Hawker

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