Leon and the Cathedral

Although Leon means lion in Span20140604_165122ish, the name actually comes from the Roman VII Legion (Legion) that was originally camped here from 29CE to protect the transport of gold that was mined in Galicia back to Rome. A number of towns along the meseta also served that purpose. On the street to our 20140604_165038
hotel, mostly closed to cars there was this block. From what we could make o20140604_111938
out it was from the 7th Legion. The Cathedral represents a shift from the more solid Romanesque architecture to the Gothic style with lots of stained glass windows.The recorded guides we carried around the Cathedral did a wonderful job explaining it. I wish I had been able to retain it all.
(Some how I’ m having problems with the pictures going in where I want the to.)
I’m thinking these 2 bikes belong to a couple of pilgrims doing the Camino by bike for their honeymoon.
Victor, who helped us with the bus to Burgos, told me that the Burgos Cathedral was known for its outside beauty, while the Leon Cathedral was known for its inner beauty. The upper part is all stained glass and is incredible!

A statue that is unusual & special to Leon is this statue of a pregnant Virgin Mary with her hand on her belly. It’s called the Virgen de la Esperanza from the 13th century.
The talk had fascinating stories about how Leon was a town of only 5000 when this was started in the 12th century, how at sometime when it was in disrepair all of the stained glass windows were taken down then later when it was restored, put back. Sometime in the 1800s during a restoration someone who was not knowledgeable was doing something that would have caused it all to collapse & bring the whole thing down. Fortunately someone else took over & It was saved, but there was a tense moment when the removed all the scaffolding and supports and the building let out a large grown as it settled into place. Lots more Cathedral pictures, but they may have to wait ti we get home. Apologies that text and pictures got out of order.


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