Doing Better!!

I’m almost afraid to say it but Brian seems much better this afternoon and evening. After 2 days of nothing but soup & toast, he was up for dinner so we went to our favorite restaurant, the hospital cafeteria publico. Brian ate a chicken dinner with an appetite. Afterwards we stopped for a sweet in a nearby shop with yummy desserts.
His temps have been normal all day for the first time in several days and the coughing is greatly reduced. Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully I can back to posts about Spain rather than health reports!


12 thoughts on “Doing Better!!

  1. Happy to hear that …..
    …. Hunger is back! Now take your time for recreation… A big hug from Thomas and Susan!

  2. So pleased to see Brian up and about and you must be relaxing as well. You are in our thoughts and could not be happier that Brian is feeling better and Donna can give news reports again. Brian, did you use the time in the ambulance to send the postcards? Don’t know where you would find the time otherwise! (It was forwarded here to AK. And we loved the card with the map.) Stay well you two…….make that road a road to recovery!!! xxxooo M

  3. Good to hear….please don’t push too hard. Bet the set backs give you more time to think about what a pilgrimage really is all about. thanks for keeping in touch.

  4. Great news about Uncle Brian health. Thank you Donna for all that you are doing.
    Love to you both. Happy trails.

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