I asked Brian what I should title this post & he said ‘Medico’. It certainly has been an interesting few days. People do the Camino in many ways, on foot, by bike, horseback, mule. But we’ve started a new way…by ambulance! It seemed like each time we thought we were on the road to recovery we had a new crisis. We hated to leave our great Hotel Paris in the middle of town on Ordono II street which was mostly a very active street closed to most traffic. <a 20140607_115739href=””&gt;20140607_11570520140607_115712
Brian waiting in front of the hotel for the taxi to the hotel by the hospital. That was Saturday and by that night he was feeling much better as I think I left things in the last post. We were making plans for Astorga. The next morning his cough had become much tighter, non productive and very persistent. It made me think bronchitis. Another call to Miriam who also thought bronchitis and suggested we go back to the hospital & get it checked out. She thought they would probably give him a nebulizer treatment. So we walked across the Street To The hospital, Saw The Same Doctor, Dr. Ana, who after more tests & chest Xray said he had bronchitis and got him the nebulizer tx. She gave us Rx for a Simbicort inhaler & a new antibiotic. Got him a bowl of chicken noodle soup in the hospital cafeteria (which we decided had better food than the hotel) and took him back to hotel for a nap. Since it was Sunday all the farmacia s were closed except one 24 hour one in town. I took the bus into town & it turned out to be the same farmacia down from our old hotel where I’d gotten the other medicines. Stop at an ARM then a chocolate bon bon ice cream cone treat on the way to the bus. Took the antibiotic & then tried to figure out the inhaler which isn’t the kind we are used to that you pus & it sprays. Directons, of course, we’re all in Spanish. Hotel Internet went down just as I was looking. Finally a call to Chris in San Francisco who went on line & told us how to work it. Unfortunately, since you don’t fee like you are getting anything, in all the experimenting Brian probably had had about 4 puffs! Not good! He started to shiver and shake violently& it was quite scary. A call to reception and the ambulance was here again! By this time he had pretty much stopped shaking, after it had gone on for about 25 minutes. The put him in a wheel chair to the ambulance and drove him around back to emergency entrance.And we got to see sweet Dr.Ana again. She will be so glad when we finally leave Leon, and so will we! We are just taking it a day at a time for Brian to recover and rest. We’ll probably bus the way for at least the next week. No walking. We are both bummed. But as my old Peace Corps friend, long a Buddhist monk says, It is as it is. Just like the Serenity Prayer. It is still an incredible experience, and this is just part of our Camino experience!


9 thoughts on “Medico

  1. So sorry about all the health woes of Brian! But what wonderful experiences you are having, all the same, and such great attitudes you have. Much love, courage, good health, and prayers, Ellen and Arne (enjoyed your mention of us in your blog)

  2. Appreciate the update. Hope you have had several chocolate bon bon ice cream cones to get you both through getting back on the road. Healing hugs, Linda

  3. Thanks, Linda. Things are really looking up. He is feeling much better, compared to the past few days. Had a chicken dinner after several days of nothing but soup. I’m so glad!

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