A Room with a View

When we came back from our first trip to the hospital to our new room at the Hotel Paris in town in Leon, it was a big room with a bay window. Like many windows in Spain there were shutters outside the window that slide up and down. Our were down so there was no outside light. I tried to push them up unsuccessfully. So we spent a day and a half in this tomb – like room until I happened to move a curtain and saw a button on the wall. I pushed it & Voila! A room with a view of the cathedral!
Our room at the hotel across from the hospital also has a view, but not quite as pleasant.
Now this might not be the loveliest scene on the Camino, but when it is the only view you have for five days it can occupy your thoughts. First I’d get Wayland to paint some of his wonderful whale sea life’s over the obnoxious wall ads. Then I’d get Sister Corte to paint some lovely colors on the wheat silos. But it has been fascinating to watch life go on in this neighborhood. People hanging their wash for lines they’ve put up in the fields, kids going to & from school, an old couple coming back from the market (she carrying the bags while he dawdle along behind trying to light a cigarette in the wind), lots of people walking dogs. Not like watching people on the main drag in Leon, but it’s fun making up stories about the people you see. It reminded me of a freshman English assignment where we were each given a New York er magazine cover and had to write a 500 word essay about it. Mine was a suburban winter scene with kids bundled up waiting for I school bus. I had done that so I could relate, but I wasn’t up to 500 words, so my aunt Prilly started giving me suggestions like how the kid in the middle probably had chilblains, etc.!
The hotel and hospital are in the suburbs of Leon, known as New Town. While the view out our window doesn’t look new it does off to the left. Also there was a beautiful sunset which gave an alien glow to the buildings.
I’m not sure it looks as good in the picture as it did out the window, but you should be able to pick out the cathedral spire
Have a few more pictures but will post this while I can.


One thought on “A Room with a View

  1. Dear Donna and Brian,

    it’s so interseting to read all your stories about the camino and I’m soooo happy, that Brian goes better and better.
    Donna, I want to be you sitting in the hotel room and watching all the people

    Wish you both the best
    Susan from Germany

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