Oh Joyful Day!!

Thanks be! We have finally finally left Leon! After yet another visit to the ER with a rash, probable reaction to the antibiotic, we vowed to get out of Leon as soon as he had a day with no fever. We were both getting very depressed and feeling there was no end in sight. But he is now much improved, feeling and acting much more like himself. When he wants to buy more postcards & stamps it’s a really good sign. We are going to take it very slowly til he gets his strength back. So this morning we returned to the infamous bus station and boarded the bus to Astorga. What a joy that he is better and that we are now in the lovely town of Astorga! And look at the incredible new view that we have out our window.
Our room at hotel Gaudi looks out onto the plaza. In the back ground is the Palacio de Gaudi designed by Gaudi as the palAce for the archbishop until his death. It then became a military headquarters For Franco’s Falange movement. Now it is a museum. If we look to the left out the window there is the cathedral which we’ll visit later as we are staying here 2 nights.
It is now very hot in the Meseta, in the 80s, but Astorga is pretty much the end of the Meseta. Pity the pilgrims we passed on the bus today as they would have had along hot day walking. Off to get some lunch & then a nap. Just had to share our joy at good health and being on the move again!


10 thoughts on “Oh Joyful Day!!

  1. Praise Be. Wonderful news. We have been praying your good health and sunny days.. The pictures are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to hear what is around the corner. Love….

  2. Thsnks, Sweetie. We just had a great talk with Jimmy. He was wonderful with embassy contacts in Madrid in case we need them. He said he’s on the way to see you for your birthdays. We are so glad! Love D & B

  3. So thrilled that Brian is on the mend! Our prayers have been answered. Love your reports. Our legs hurt from all your walking! Betsy and Howard

  4. That’s Great News! Let’s have no more Walking Pneumonia. Keep taking it easy. Those Gaudi buildings are surreal. I agree with “eat more ice cream”–or helado, is it there?

  5. Delighted that Brian is well now. Enjoy Gaudi’s work, it is awe inspiring. I LOVE the view from your window.

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