Friday the 13th

In 2 days we should be in Ponferrada which was a major center for the Knight’s Templar started in France in the 1100s. Their purpose was originally to protect pilgrims, not only those going Jerusalem, but also on the Camino. They established many of the original hostels along the way.
The nephew of one of the original 9 knights was St. Bernard of Clairvaux who had a lot of influence with several popes resulting in their support as well that of several kings. Since it was really dangerous for pilgrims to carry money on the Camino because of robbers, one of the things the Knights did was to become bankers. Pilgrims would deposit money with them before they left home and receive a letter of credit to use to withdraw along the way. The strength and wealth of the Knights really grew over the next century and they became a strong military power as well. They were very involved in the Crusades. They eventually became too much of a threat, especially to Phillip II (I think) of France who was also broke and in major debt to them. So on Friday the 13th, 1307 he had Jacques de Molay, and several of the other leaders arrested on trumped up charges, tortured and burned at the stake. Soooo, that’s how Friday the 13th got to be such an unlucky day! Will have picture on Ponferrada, but just had to comment on today.


7 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Enjoyed learning about the history of the 13th. So glad that Brian is doing better and you are on the move again. Happy Father’s Day to Brian on Sun. and we will miss you this yr. Love and prayers go with you. Karen and all.

  2. I really enjoyed reading that. I will give it to Diarmuid to read when he gets in from school. He loves the middle ages, castles an knights.

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