Brian’s nephew Jim, who is with the State Dept. In Taiwan has flown to New Orleans to celebrate their shared with his sister Patti. We are wishing you the best!


3 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI & JIMMY!!

  1. The both of you are troopers. Never waiting always moving towards the final goal. Wow. Reading your blog and seeing the pictures is awe inspirational. Thanks for the birthday wishes and look forward to the rest of your final leg of your most amazing adventure.


    Thanks for the BDay wishes. We had a wonderful time in New Orleans. Went to the French Quarter and had our cards read. The reader Otis 76 years young was spot on.

    • Hi Seamus, So glad you two got together and had a good birthday! We are carrying on, but some of the enjoyment is gone taking the taxi place to place. So good to have the company of Miriam and Ronan.
      Jim can you send Kim ‘ s email please. She has tried twice to send me a list of English speaking MDs, but it’s never come through. 1st time she had my email wrong and not sure about second time. Brian continues to have a cough and we want to get it checked out. If I send her an email I know she’ll have my address. Many thanks . Donna

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