Several days without wifi so lots to catch up so posts may be a bit shorter.

Around 1180 the Kings of Leon requested the Knights Templar to have a presence in the area for the protection of pilgrims going to Santiago.
<a href="https://mccarthycaminosantiago14.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/2014020140617_114627617_114134.jpg”>20140617_114134
Sorry his head didn’t come out. It was dark & spooky in the bottom of the Castle. Touring the Castle reminded me of our wonderful trip to Ireland many years a go with Aunts Prilly & Judy when Chris & Teo were in their early teens. They were very into Dungeons & Dragons and had a great time in the castles. (Seeger, ask your dad about that time and ask what the keyhole was for.)

The Castle dates from the time of the Knights although there were settlements on the site prior to that. After the time of the Knights numerous kings occupied, fought over and added to the Castle up through the 16th century. After that with the invention of gun powder & canons, castles were no longer very defensible.
It’s defended on one side by a steep cliff going down to the river.
There is a moat on the other side.
Seeger, do you think you can make a small Ponferrada Castle with your legos? Don’t forget the draw bridge over the moat.
Our hotel was right across from the most and one morning we had breakfast right beside it.
We stayed 2 nites in Ponferrada so as to be there when the Castle was open. One afternoon we walked along the river on a pretty trail & felt for a little while like we were back walking the Camino which we are both missing very much, they say ‘Everyone does there own Camino’ and this is ours. Disappointed but we continue to have great experiences and meet great people.


One thought on “Ponferrada

  1. I remember taking Prilly’s lighter into the dark undercastle of Blarney castle, hunched over even as a child. Castles like those are yet another argument that we were better off without gunpowder.

    The NYT crossword clue for Thursday: Neighbor of Teaneck, N.J (6 Letters, starts with L)?

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