On to Sarria

Taxi Ana took us from O Cebreiro to Sarria. Two important things happened on the 19th in Spain. Felipe VI (Sextus) was proclaimed the new king of Spain with lots of pomp, parades, his key speech to the parliament and country.
It’s hard to see but his wife and two adorable daughters sat beside him on the stage and accompanied them in much of the festivities. Good practice as I assume the older will someday be queen.
Seeger, I think the younger one might only be a year older than you. Do you think you could sit very still on a stage in front hundreds of people for an hour while your daddy or mommy gave a big speech?
The other big thing that happened in Spain was that Brian’s cousins from Ireland, Miriam Winston and her son Ronan, arrived to join us for the last 100 kilometers to Santiago. They flew to Santiago from Dublin then took two buses to reach Sarria. We met them at the bus and it was wonderful to see them again. Last time was at the Winston Family Reunion in Rosscommon, Ireland in 2012. Miriam had made reservations for each night on the way to Santiago (a very good idea as hundreds of pilgrims start in Sarria and many albergues, pensions & hotels are fully booked. ) We tried to make bookings at the same places when we could. I was overjoyed to discover the Sarria stay was a beautiful hotel. Our lodgings in O Cebreiro, at the recommend action of friends, were probably the worst on the Camino. A very tiny room with folding beds with mattresses that were probably rejects from Francos army, threadbare sheets & blankets. But the worst was the overwhelming smell of chlorine cleansers. I rinsed everything in the bathroom, left all the windows open, but it was still strong in the afternoon! I was wheezing and I’m sure it didn’t help Brian’s bronchitis. I was giddy when we walked into our room at the Alphonso IX! We had dinner at a café along the river, waited out a rainstorm and went back to a wonderful bed!
The next morning we very enviously saw them off on the Camino while we called a cab to meet them in Portomarin.


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