I was feeling sort of down yesterday morning knowing our Camino was coming to an end, not being able to walk and experience the small towns and scenery. All four of us started out together in the taxi from Palas de Rei.
We dropped Miriam & Ronan off along the way for them to do a good part of the walk.
To our surprise when we got into the large town it was Sunday market day with booths and tables lining the sidewalks all over town. We checked into our pension and wandered around. The first thing we saw was a flower display laid out on one street.
This table selling bread and cakes was doing a good business and looked yummy.
A lot of people were selling cheese another specialty of the area. (Whoops where did the picture go?) Anyway she was very friendly and tried to get me to buy a cheese round. I tried to explain in my poor Spanish that it would be to heavy to carry in my mochilla, but she replied ‘Queso Por Camino!’
We walked around town a little an saw some interesting things: Iglesia Espititu Sancto San Pedro
Four old men playing cards on a Sunday afternoon.
A contrast of old and new.20140622_172254
We did some laundry and hung it in the sun. Good thing because later that evening we had tormentas.
Maria Jesus who checked us in took a liking to Brian and felt sorry for him because he was coughing. Twice during our stay when he had a cup of tea she went and got a special jar of honey & put some in his tea. She also gave us a great room with a door onto a balcony. So many people have been so kind.
That night we went out to dinner.
And, of course, because it’s Melide I had to try the octopus. IT wasn’t bad!
Thomas, this food picture is for you because you always send us food pictures.
PS Sorry, I think I got the cheese lady in there twice, but don’t know how to get her out.


2 thoughts on “Melide

  1. Year Donna, thank you so much for the picture with the octopodia on the plate! I love Octopus Stifado, wich is a Greek recepy to cook the polyp!
    I will send the recepy over to S D so you can cook it after your arrivel back home! Thomas

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