Another Camino Surprise: Paso Sta. Maria- June 23


Another Camino surprise! Miriam had made reservations for all the nights til Santiago & we tried to stay in the same places. Yesterday morning they headed off early leaving their bags outside our door. They ended up walking the whole 15 K! We had a leisurely breakfast (including honey in Brian’s tea for Maria Jesus), packed up and called a taxi. The driver first said it was €15 to Arzua but when I told him the name of the place we were staying he added ‘Dos mas euros’ so I figured it was outside of town, and it was! When we pulled up and went through the arch I figured it must have been an old convent or monastery that was restored. It turns out Paso means Manor and it was an old manor house built in 1742.
At the back of the main house there was a large patio where you could sit and take in the beautiful and peaceful garden and country side.
Including a lovely pond with about 10 very loud frogs!
Two well know families last occupied the Manor until it was take over by an investment company about 10 years ago and beautifully restored with attention to its original design. Some of the rooms are upstairs in the main building while others, like ours with the open door, was in the row of ‘cottages’.

While we were waiting for dinner several of us gathered outside for a drink. There was a guy from Dominican Republic who worked for a bank on their solar panel project and a couple from Daytona OH who taught at a Marist HS where Martin Sheen attend HS & got to meet him when he came to visit. After a while the tormentas came up so we moved inside to one of the beautifully appointed living rooms, and watched part of a world cup game.
This is definitely the type of place Aunt Prilly would have loved. Tasteful little touches like ceramic hand painted sink stoppers and soap dishes, etc., etc. And dinner! We needed Aunt Prilly to tell us which silver to start the four course dinner with.
A restored, but probably not used grain storage structure, and again in thi20140623_11393420140624_073615s mornings mist.


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