O Pedrozo/Arco

Not much to say about Arco except that Miriam & Ronan did the whole 15 K from Arzua! Very impressive!

Also it’s the last night before Santiago!

We stayed in different places, us in a small hotel and they on a self catering which translated as a Golden Star. It was run by a man named ? , with a sort of hunch back and a voice that brought back memories of RRRamon from ‘The Way’.

Ending this part of the trip reminds me of ending a Sierra trek. Sad it’s over bot looking forward to the pizza in Yosemite Valley.

Off to Santiago!


7 thoughts on “O Pedrozo/Arco

  1. Enjoy the last sequence! And send is pictures from the big smokebowl into Santiago Cathedral 🙂 take care of you! And again i have to say it: I’m very proud and impressed about your Way! I told many people about what your camino and we followed in the past weeks like an daily “soap”! Can’t go to bed before i got my daily episode!

    Thank you so much for posting

    The Haendler Family

  2. Thanks so much, Thomas. Comments like this make it all worth while! Sometimes I think nobody is reading it so it’s so good to get your comments. Today we arrived in Santiago & went to mass. They don’t alway s do the insense burner every day any more, but they did todsy. We were so lucky. It was fantastic! I hope I got a picture for the blog. Will work on that now. Thanks again! Donna

  3. Safe home to you all. I can’t believe it went so quick, it seems. Love you. Blog was great and pictures were beautiful.

  4. Donna, you always seem to make the grand entrance. Remember your helicopter approach to Yosemite Valley? So ….. a plush taxi ride into Santiago seems to be just your style. Glad you guys made it!

  5. Hi Roger, Good to hear from you. Actually, Brian decided he could walk the 1st two miles of this section. I had planned to do it on my own & send him by taxi. But we did the two mile to a small town the took a taxi into Santiago. I had actually wanted to walk the last bit in but couldn’t work that out. It’s been a incredible trip even if we had to taxi a bit of it.

    • Needless to say, we’ve enjoyed every post and picture along “your Way” Thanks for drawing us all into the adventure! Roger

  6. You were all very much with me all the way. I’d often see something & think how you would really enjoyed it. BTW tell Sarah I found the tour for her. Met some people doing a tour that I’d over to go back & do…….If I win the lottery!

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