The Last Day on The Way

What a treat it was to be able end our Camino by getting a chance to walk again! It was a lovely trail through a eucalyptus forest then farmland.
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It was good to see the familiar way marks again.
We went through the small hamlet of San Anton, really only a couple of houses each with several out buildings. One had used an old building to grow grapes in. And a pilgrim had left a message for his girlfriend on the wall of an abandoned building.

Then the trail opened to grazing and cropland.
More lovely trail.
We met two couples from Ireland that Miriam & Ronan had met the previous day. They were taking turns pushing a daughter who had cerebral palsey.
And finally a field of yellow flowers before we walked into Armenal to find a taxi for the rest of the way to Santiago. This gives you some idea of what we’ve been missing when we haven’t been able to walk and why we’ve issued it so much and why it meant so much to be able to do this last little bit.


3 thoughts on “The Last Day on The Way

  1. Mucho congrats on your travels! What a wonderful time you had (less being sick). Safe travels home! Love John & Jody

  2. Brian and Donna,

    Just got your second postcard with its kind greetings and vivid descriptions.

    Congratulations to both of you on your great achievement!

    You have done us all proud-and what is more, you have reconnected us-me-with my Catholic faith in a new and wonderfully mysterious . . . well, way.

    There is something so profound in all of this, in the undertaking of the journey, of the idea of the journey, of the journey itself, and in the many wonderful non-coincidences around the journey, especially Cathy’s vision of my late father.

    I feel that God is speaking to us in some way that is not yet entirely, for, as Scripture says “now, we see but through a glass and darkly . . .”

    Yet the significance of what has taken place will slowly and continuously reverberate through the months and years ahead, and God’s message will, I am sure, gradually (and who know, maybe not so gradually) reveal itself.

    God bless you both, and bring you safely home!



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