Finesterra – End of the Earth

We’re in Finesterra now and I don’t have a good wifi connection, so very hard to upload photos. Will continue when we get back to Santiago. A beautiful sunny day here, but a rainstorm has rolled in tonight. Bus back to Santiago tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Finesterra – End of the Earth

  1. Hello,, Brian and donna,

    Wow! We have been following along on your trip every day. We think of you constantly and talk about you with friends. Your WAY has been fantastic and we have been envious, no, wait, that’s a venial sin! Thank you for keeping everyone posted on what was happened along the way. We hope Brian is well. I (Bobby) have managed to get a fierce case of bronchitis in sympathy and now understand better why you have not been able to walk very much. What a beautiful trip. Talk to you soon.

    Bobby and Michael

  2. Dear Bobby & Mike, Great to hear from you. So sorry you are sick; hope you are feeling better soon. It took Brian a long time to shake it. Just the past few days that he is no longer coughing. But really take it easy. Thanks for your support. B & D

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