It’s amazing, with the hundreds of pilgrims roaming around the city that you manage to keep bumping into friends you’ve made along the Way. We met Fr. Jim & Joe again. We were all planning to go to Finesterre the next day. Brian & I had planned to take the bus, and stay overnight, but they had arranged for a driver and invited us to come along. (Joe seems to have a few bucks!)
We went first to Muxia (pronounced Mushia). Do you remember the almost final scene in the movie when they are all standing on the rocks?
There is a small lighthouse there.
There is also a small church there which sadly was struck my lightening on Christmas Day last year and suffered quite a bit of damage. It is in the process of being repaired. This happened during a period of severe storms on the Galacia Coste de Morte last winter during which time a number of fishing boats were lost.
If you Google muxia church fire you can see pictures of the fire and related stories. Also, Alberto, our driver, told us that during the storms in Jan. the ocean had come up all around the church. I Google muxia church storm and found a picture of that. Hope this works. Hope that works.
Picture of the guys with the church in background.
We walked up the hill for stunning views and an unusual monument. I wasn’t able to translate what it was about.
I think I’ll go ahead and post this then do Finesterre.


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