We are in Madrid now and I’ve still not finished Santiago or Finesterre. I’m sure I’ll still be blogging when I get back to SD trying to catch up!
From Muxia Alberto drove the four of us to Finesterre, a long peninsula extending into the Atlantic. Before people knew the world was round it was thought this was the end of the earth.
There is a big lighthouse and a little Train (for Seeger) that will take you From the Parking Lot To The lighthouse.
Pilgrims currently and in the past continue their Camino on to Finesterre another 3 days walk. Here is the final way marker for that trip. If you blow it up you’ll see it says 0.00.

Beyond the lighthouse the land slopes down to the water. Some people climb down there but we left that to the younger more agile folks. One custom is that peregrinos burn their boots or an article of clothing. There were a couple of places with smoldering piles. Wasn’t about to burn my good boots or anything else!
There is a bronze boot on a rock also with a pile of burning castoffs beside it.
Alberto drove us back to the town of Fisterre (spelled differently) and dropped us off at our hotel. We said farewells to Joe and Fr. Jim, who promises to come visit us in SD.
Will post pictures of the town next.


2 thoughts on “Finesterre

  1. Dearest Uncle Brian and Donna, Jim and I followed you everyday while together in NOLA. June 19th we celebrated our birthdays and thought of Uncle Eddie, Beth and Eric’s 10th wedding anniversary while reading birthday wishes from your hearts to us from Spain. June 28 while reading your blog about Mass in Santiago we thought of our Dear Mother, Jean who left us 9 years ago. How much she loved you two. The following day June 29 reading your blog was the anniversary of our fathers departure from us 38 years ago. Today July 1 was our Mothers birthday as well as tomorrow July 2! How wonderful to be part of your beautiful way of St. James during these precious moments in life. You two have brought us so much JOY. You are my hero’s. Jim leaves Nola today, we’ve had a wonderful time and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Special, special moments in life. We love you!!!

  2. Thanks so much for those touching memories. We have thought og your mom often and know she was with us on the trip. Brian is just about 100% now. No more cough. We are anxious to be home in our own bed , but the adventure contues. Went to a special exhibition on El Greco at the Prado Museum today. Incredible and somewhat overwhelming. What a gift! Love you both and safe home, Jim. B & D

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