Fisterre Town

20140627_181141Brian commented several times along the Way how he hadn’t been away from the sea for so long a time ever in his life.


He also noted that we hadn’t seen any sea gulls that we are so used to at home. Well we had a sea gull greeter outside our window in Fisterre. And a noisy one he was, but he was funny.
Fisterre is a small fishing town on the way to Finesterre peninsula. We had a room near the water that looked out at the harbor.
We had lunch looking out over the harbor.20140627_140356

After a nap walked we walked aouund the town with its narrow alleys, then out along the sea wall.



We headed back to the hotel as clouds came in and the beautiful sunny day changed to rain. We just made it back to a seafood restaurant in time to get out of the rain and shared an order of langostinos.

The next morning we took the 9 am bus back to Santiago. It was a beautiful 2 hour ride mostly south along the coast weaving in and out of fishing towns and beautiful coast line.
Sorry I think some of the pictures ended up on the wrong place.


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