A Happening in Santiago

The night before we left for Finesterre we took our big backpacks to the hotel we were going to be staying at when we got back. (Previous one was a 3rd floor walk up.) We heard some commotion down the street toward the cathedral and walked down to see what the buzz was . A crowd was gathering the plaza in front of a huge old building. I think it was in the plaza do Immaculata on one side of the cathedral.
There was a huge awning, clear plastic roof, over chairs and music stands set up for an orchestra. We saw the Ohio couple and sat beside them.
The crowd was beginning to grow. Some young women came by asking us to sign permission to be in a video they were filming for a bank that was going to be on the internet. Shortly the orchestra appeared all in black tie and long black dresses.

They played one piece and we realized there was no conductor! There was a sign on the music stay on the podium. I stood up on a wall and read it to Mrs. Ohio who is a Spanish teacher. She translated that if you wanted to conduct, come up and take a baton! And that’s just what people did! The orchestra basically played the same 4 or 5 familiar classical pieces over and over. Some of the people were really good and some were just flailing. The orchestra would follow the conductor, faster or slower. One kid got tired and put his arm do en and they stopped. It was great fun. Then a woman got up there with her year old baby holding the baton in his hand and doing a good job keepig the beat. At one pint the baby turned around to look at the crowd and I realized it was baby Matthew whose picture I posted earlier when we met them with Miriam & Ronan. Unfortunately he turned back around so I didn’t get a good picture and you’ll have to blow it up to see him.

I went and chatted with them afterwards and was rewarded with a big smile of recognition from Matthew.


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